Holos Music

そして、Holos Musicは“皆様の様々な生活シーンに寄り添う”心と体を支える音楽”です。
すべての要素を取り入れる医療、ホリスティック医療同様、Holos Musicは心身が整う可能性がある全ての“音”の要素を積極的に取り入れた新しい音楽を提案しています。
音楽の新しい価値創造「Holos Music」をお楽しみください。

The Greek word “holos” means “whole, entire” and also “to harmonize with the universe.”
English words such as “wholesome,” “holy,” “heal,” and “health” derive from this word. The words “holistic therapy,” that have attracted a lot of attention, also come from this.
Our Holos Music support you in bringing harmony to your life in this busy and complicated world.
As with holistic medicine, we dig into all kinds of effective sound and use them to create music as an effective remedy for a balance of mind and body.
When you need to relax, get a deep sleep, concentrate on your work, or exercise efficiently, our music is here to support you in any situation.
Please enjoy our new holistic approach to wellness “Holos Music”.

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